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Institutions accredited by the M.E.S.R.I.Art, scientific experts, style offices and stylists. 6 – Accreditation is granted for a period of five years renewable by ministerial decree and may be withdrawn by decision of the Minister of the Environment on the basis of the report of the secretariat of the Environment Directorate and the bodies classified for the following reasons: 0 serious violation of professional obligations (quality of work); β the loss of citizens` rights; Source: Official Journal 6025 of January 12, 2002 0 Loss of quality required for the consultant or the director of the design office. As part of the opening of public data, lists of organizations, scientific experts, style offices and certified CIR and C.I. stylists are now available on the M.E.S.R.I. open data platform. It offers space for search, consultation, visualization and download formats in spreadshee, KML, CSV, XLS formats… These lists are published for information. Only accredited organizations, experts, style offices and stylists who have not made use of their opposition to the publication of their data. We often hear about “study offices” without really knowing what they are doing! However, these structures are very often consulted in the construction sector. While not clear to everyone, their role is essential in most projects. How do they define their job? Who are the main interlocutors? And what are his abilities? When is their intervention mandatory? We`ll explain! Now that you have a clearer view of the different design offices, feel free to ask those you need to use their advice: Art.

5 – Application files must be included: experts` resumes; 0 the list of logistics and it; β two executive summaries of environmental impact assessments conducted exclusively by the design office or under the direction of the advisor; 0 Administrative documents on the status of the study office, its membership. “study office,” a structure that is interpreted in data. These companies, composed of engineers and technicians, are responsible for carrying out studies that guide and justify the structural and technical choices of a project. public bodies of an industrial and commercial nature; Cancer Centre C.L.C.C.; Regional and university hospitals; Technical centres for industry; Public interest grouping; Section 244 C D of SECTION 244 C of CGI provides that expenditures by public or similar research organizations are taken into account when calculating the research tax credit.